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What is Reiki?

Reiki for humans is a gentle hands-on practice that supports overall health.  Natural energy encourages balance in the body, mind and spirit.   When a Reiki practitioner places his/her hands on an area of a client's clothed body, Reiki energy flows through the practitioner to the client.  A session lasts for 45-60 minutes.  

The benefits of Reiki include:

  • Relieves stress and anxiety

  • Eases muscle tension

  • Energizes and balances the whole body

  • Promotes pain relief

  • Strengthens the immune system

  • Promotes deep relaxation

Reiki Treatment

Reiki for animals...Animals are wonderfully open to energy healing.  A typical animal session will be around 45 minutes, usually in their home environment where they are generally more comfortable.  The animal is always invited to receive energy healing. Hand placements are only used if the animal initiates contact. No restraint is needed and the animal is free to move around at will as the session unfolds. It's not unusual for the animal to initially become excited, then settle and relax over the course of the session. Reiki can be a beautiful way to help your pet transition over the rainbow bridge at the end of their life. This healing energy can be a comforting shared moment for the animal and their caregiver. 

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